Florida Cold Brew Coffee

Golden Hills Coffee Roasters is proud to offer our Florida Cold Brew Coffee line. Our carefully hand selected beans give a unique blend that we developed for our line of Cold Brew. Unlike traditional hot coffee, we steep our blend of beans for sixteen hours, then triple filter to make a smoother and less acidic coffee. We currently offer our Cold Brew line in five gallon kegs so it can be enjoyed right from the tap. Make a great addition to your Cafe, Coffee House, Bakery or even your break room. To find out more contact us at 352-217-2831.

Nitro Version 

Our Cold Brew coffee on Nitro, after the brewing processing and filtering we then infuse our Cold Brew with Nitrogen, which produces a cascading flow of coffee from a tap. Nitro Coffee on tap is one of the most recent trends in coffee today. Currently only available in our five gallon kegs, contact us to speak with someone to see if this would be a great addition for your business.  

Two Versions Available

High Tide

A blend of coffee that truly represents a sunny day in Florida, incorporating a bright crisp taste with notes of lime and grapefruit.

Low Tide

Hand crafted blend of beans for a full body coffee with heavy notes of chocolate, molasses and walnut.