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Please call to place an order we do carry other coffees that are not listed.  

Golden Hills Dorato Colline  12oz  $14.00
Dorato Colline means Golden Hills in Italian. We developed this signature blend to represent our Italian Heritage. Roasted Full City to achieve a classic Italian coffee.
Golden Hills Breakfast Blend  12oz $13.00
This blend is well balanced with a medium body that was created to be easy drinking in the morning, but powerful enough to get you going in the morning.
Golden Hills House Blend  12oz  $13.00
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Our House Blend is our special unique blend of coffees. This popular blend is roasted full city to bring out the citrus, chocolate and caramel notes that can be enjoyed at anytime. 
Filled with delicious syrupy, brown sugar and caramel tones that are enjoyed with espresso.  Our espresso has something for everyone to enjoy.
Our Black Hills Dark Roast is roasted on the dark side for that big bold flavor that many enjoy. This blend of coffee fits the needs of dark roast coffee lovers.
This decaf goes above and beyond of what a normal decaf has to offer. With strong aroma of birch this Mayan decaf has a bright finish. Roasted Full City for a very rich and full body cup
Roasted Full City with a rich,creamy, walnut and dark chocolate tones - Organic, Fair Trade, Shade Tree Grown and Bird Friendly coffee.
Golden Hills Espresso 12oz  $13.00
Golden Hills Black Hills Dark Roast  12oz  $13.00
Organic Peru La Florida  12oz  $14.00
Decaffeinated Mayan Royal Select Water  12oz  $14.00
Costa Rican Tarrazu  12oz  $13.00
Ethiopian Sidamo  12oz  $13.00
If you're looking for a classic cup of coffee with style and flavor, you will enjoy this coffee. This coffee is roasted Full City with milk chocolate and caramel tones
This Ethiopian Sidamo is a very complex coffee. Having strong notes of fruit and citrus, expect a bright cup.